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Welcome dear friends,

a lot of us spend around 30 % of our day in our job, getting on with our career and trying to do work which matters and makes a difference. The concept of waiting `till 5:00 or for the weekend to come, seems quite poor in this light.

If happiness is postponed until later, something is going wrong. Utterly wrong! I mean, who knows – tomorrow may never come? Many people come to us and would like to live their dreams, do the work they love and say goodbye to their boss.

I said would like. There it is. Would like to have a different career is just to weak. It ain`t that easy. To do what you want to do takes guts and you will have to pay a price, for sure. BUT the price maybe worthwhile and “affordable”. It also might be easier than you thought of before.

Many folks are perfectly happy with their employed situation and that is of course just wonderful. Everything is working fine for them. Because I suspect that those employees aren`t surfing at a Career Consulting Corner Blog, I will leave that aspect of population out and write for those of you, who would like or even want a change and are seeking ways to make money- a living – in new ways.

I`ve been consulting man and women in my private consulting center and in corporations in this matter since 1982. It has been very rewarding and touching for me to see my clients move into their desired direction. During the Career Consulting Process there has been some prominent factors coming up over and over.

• Building trust in ones own abilities
• Getting new valuable information
• Learning what to do when
• Developing new abilities
• Stepping beyond anxiety

Luckily this can be done and there many have proven this with awesome results. Please note that the people who “failed”, are the ones who simply gave up to early. To manage to not get what you want in your work is to go in a like-warm fashion and to stop soon. That really works 99,99% of the time.

We are looking ahead to provide you valuable information about work and career empowerment, stuff to read and think about, things you can easily do to empower your work life situation for the better. We are also working on a system where we can help you even in a one-to-one manner.

So stay tuned, keep up the good work or career and leave any sucking job as soon as it makes sense for you.

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