Day 5: Yoga And Meditation

Video 5 – Combining Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and Meditation can be of immense value to everybody interessed in healthspiritual unfolding and fitness. BothYoga and Meditation have been developed in an awesome depth of detail. This development has taken thousends of years and an uncountable number of man and women. All have brought their love and life into the growth of systems and doctrines.

Do I have to practice yoga and meditation together?

This is the glory and the danger of Yoga and Meditation. One can simply get lost in the jungle of schools of thought. The deciple of Meditation, Yoga with its many forms, can be swept up in dogmatic discussions and invitations to follow this or that path. Also to follow this or that GuruMasterTeacher or do theses Asanas.

Taking into account that most of us are allready confused, this certainly adds up the unnessecary misery and conflict. I mean, how many people have been killed, lives destroyed in the name of religion?

Find out what yoga and meditation can do for you

Important is to understand, that by substiuting one trip for another at no means a betterment is. In fact, the problemstate just is prolonged. Freedom is the first step in a valueable daily meditation. And not the last – as mostly seen.

As you might know, the Zen people have even turned – to have a cup of tea – into a unique meditation method. Here we can see that meditation can be with anything and everywhere. Simply because meditation is a way of being, a “mindset”.

India has contributed Yoga and Meditation to the world

Relaxation methods like yoga for meditation are of course wonderful ways to find yourself in Deep Meditation. Relaxation is here seen as the ceasing of that which produces the hinderance of conflict, fight and struggle. Remeber: Ambition is and stay ambition. Whether it is for Money, Power, Prestige or Enlightenment, Bliss or a better next life.

In our fast Growing Spirituality Blog are chances for you to interact with other like-minded people and with us.

So thanks for your time to be with us. We wish you true freedom in Yoga AND Meditation.

Your Successful Self Improvement Team.


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