Day 1 Purpose Of Meditation

Video 1… What is the Purpose Of Meditation?

“How to reconnect to my true being?”

Purpose of Meditation

“Hello friends, what is the purpose of meditation? The purpose of meditation is to reconnect to the true being. What I do mean by reconnecting to the true being? I mean at the deep level you are always connected.

It is not impossible to reconnect because you are eternally connected, but the mind –the ego feels quite often unconnected, doesn’t it?

So the purpose of meditation is to bring your mind and your experience back to the reality of connectedness and to the fundamental truths that your true nature is eternally connected “with all”

Another purpose is to go beyond the mind – beyond the duality . You might be in a situation where you are financially broke and there are many difficulties like perhaps you cannot pay the mortgage of your house, you have to put away these and that, you may be lost or loosing your money and stocks which your mind can’t help but be full of these worries of what to do with your financials or financial life and which eventually the other parts of your life – silence, joy, contentment are blown away.

So Mediation gives you a chance to reconnect to that level (of silence, joy, and contentment) though your house might be gone away and any money of yours will be loss, still you could reconnect and gain a new perspective on life, on values, and more intelligent solutions to the problems or challenges you face in life.

Purpose # 3 is to wake up and bring light into your life, whatever wherever you are doing with your state of mind is. It is possible to invite more and more light into your life and share your joy with others.”

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