Day 2 How To Meditate

Video 2 … How to meditate easily and safe?

“How to Increase my meditative awareness?”

How To Meditate?


“Today I want to answer a question which is quite often ask by all viewers and readers – how to meditate?

Now I assume that this question comes from a beginner in meditation. And because they are active forms of meditation and passive forms of meditation, this question is very broad –how to meditate.

Of course, the answer to how to meditate differs on what meditation techniques use. So, of course, there is some broad general advice which I could give you here and I will give you this in second.

First, I would like to talk a little bit about the concept of how to meditate, it sounds like doing. For me meditation is more state of being and I think is every one’s birth right and every body’s natural and state of being…so you don’t do meditation to get into meditation…Its doing meditation techniques. So it’s like cleaning the dust the natural way.

The natural being in meditation will evolve naturally. so now to some global advise for meditation, of course it will be good for you to find a place where you are undisturbed when somebody comes on constantly like your co-worker or family member ask you questions he or she will disturbed you greatly.

You will be better on if you close the door, being yourself for a while where you could dive deep into. It takes some time to be acquainted with the inner landscape as I would like to say. So you take some time undisturbed, go inside and many different ways also with close eyes like or half close eyes or you can open your eyes if you do meditation.

One thing for the last, meditation is sincere yet it is good to be easy on it, the sense of humor ,light weight with all the sincerities you can get. Go inside and enjoy it. See you later on the next video…”


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