Day 22: Alpha Meditation

Video 22… Alpha Meditation Bonus

SSI’s Binaural Beat Brainwave Meditation Launch Is Coming Soon!

Enjoy :-) …. and Read The Instructions First

Free Gift Exclusive For You!

“Here is your special Alpha Meditation Bonus, Exclusiv for our Participants of the 21 Day Meditation Training Video Course.”


to enjoy and benefit the most, I´ll give you some recommendations on how to use this Alpha Meditation.

1. The Meditation is designed for the use of headphones. Using them will produce the maximum result. The Meditation will work also without – but it is way less effective. Although it is also a nice background music with speakers turned on…

2. The Alpha Meditation is 30 minutes long. Take care to be undisturbed. It is your time of moving inwards.

3. Set the volume of the sound in the beginning of the Meditation. It starts with a rather massive sound-dimension. It is designed that way, so it can and should be kind of loud. See it as a “sound bath” – let yourself be physically filled with sound. It will cleanse your system. After a short time, the volume will drop into a more silent state.

4. General Meditation Instructions:

Stop trying to stop your thoughts.

Let everything be.

Meditation is not about changing anything.

Stay with “What is”.

All is okay.

Understand and See

5. Relax and Enjoy

Listen To Your Free Alpha Meditation Now….


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