Treatment for Panic Attacks

Understanding: Treatment for Panic Attacks

The first thing I realized after my doctor and I began talking about panic attacks is that treatment cannot begin until one understands what is happening internally during one.

Doctor: Treatment for Panic Attacks

It always struck me as a terribly insensitive thing to say when someone is gasping for breath but no matter how many times I visited the man my doctor always felt the need to tell me that the panic was all in my head. I felt like a complete failure when I went to him because he made it sound like something I was doing wrong rather than an actual problem that needed to be addressed and taken care of.

Program: Treatment for Panic Attacks

After a few visits he decided that the only way to fix it all would be to throw as many pills as me that he legally could. The Panic Away Program doesn’t do that.

With this program I realized that all my anxiety and fear were the cause of my attacks. It breaks down the issues I have and offers workable fixes that make sense and don’t come in pill form. It helped me understand that I had the ability to if not completely control those two things then I could at least reign them in so that I am able to function. The program offered treatment that worked around my body and schedule. It was something I could do in minutes a day, whenever I found I had extra time which is rare enough.

Trust: Treatment for Panic Attacks

Most importantly the program was composed by someone I feel I can trust. It’s backed by years of proven success and since I started it I haven’t felt like no matter what I do I just can’t control the moments where I feel lost. I think the best part about being free of my attacks is the fact that I no longer have to fear what happens if one does come around. Instead I can handle it when I feel it coming on with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from using this program. This is a treatment that works in more ways than one and I’m happy with the outcome.

Wishing you well
Eric, from the Successful Self Improvement Team

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