Perfect Mental Health

100% Perfect Mental Health Is Not Possible!

Dear friends and readers,

So now what? Mental health not 100% possible?


In my 26 years of coaching career I have seen many, many clients. As I see it, there is a huge range from massive mental disorders up to an enlightened mind. Perfection itself is only an idea. It’s like the horizon, it keeps moving.

Most people I have known have some sort of mental disorders – I am not talking about mental damages in the physical sense here – have had problems with seeing and holding on to small successes. Often they would fling around quite extreme within their head.

The way things worked out best for my patients and I was to agree on a milestone of achievement that was not perfectly perfect. To understand and actually see that personal development and change is a process. Foggy at first and then becoming clearer as the relaxation and acceptance of the perfect now grew and grew. And that was already a success! At that point a very, very fragile positive thinking process would start naturally.

This post will be continued so,

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