Muscle Testing Krishnamurti Osho Day20

Muscle Testing Krishnamurti Osho

Kinesiology, Book from J.Krishnamurti, Osho Kundalini Meditation Music.

Muscle Testing in Action.

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In this Meditation Training Video you will see a clear demonstration of how to do the testing of muscle strength yourself. A easy way to get answers in and at any situation in a split second.

Improve your Health with Meditation and find Inner Peace

Testing demonstration on a Krishnamurti book, Osho Meditation music

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Introducing the “O-Ring” Kinesiology Method. Talk on the appropriate mindset and the step by step procedure of testing. Also about points on which you could be unclear about.

Make sure to watch and listen carefully. “The music is in the details …”

Wishing you the best and bye for now!

Eric, from the desk of the Successful Self Improvement Team and keep up your Muscle Testing.

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