Enlightenment Buddha Meditating Day12

Enlightenment – Buddha – Meditating

What is Enlightenment? How was Buddha meditating? How to meditate that Enlightenment can happen.

With a lukewarm inquiry into the field of Meditation and Spirituality, you probably will not find inner peace or bliss. A strange combination of Doing and Not-Doing comes into play. A modern term like “Flow” catches it quite well.

Enlightenment – Buddha – Meditation Training

To uncover your enlightened state with meditation can be at times disturbing. Living in a state of “Flow” where “Doing” describes the “activity” -> of understanding and “Not-Doing” describes the “activity” -> of happy and willing to let-go of falseness, is not commonly featured by any society. As you move towards being an “insider” of humanity, you also, in the same proportion develop being an “outsider” in the realms of society.

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Be well – let “Flow” happen

Eric, from the Successful Self Improvement Team

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