Spiritual Growth Practitioners and Admirers Welcome friends, seeking truth, finding God, relaxing, coming back home, silencing the mind are aims of spiritual and religious people. The reasons why a person may become interested in spirituality are divers. Spiritual Growth – finding Joy and Peace But basically it is to find happiness and freedom. After the […]

New Online Guided Meditation Free Online Guided Meditation. The online breathing meditation for self awareness and spiritual awakening. Congratulations!!! If you have been in our free meditation training course – this is the last video of the series. Breathing Meditation – Online Guided Meditation You have gone perhaps all 21 days with us. Watching the […]

Muscle Testing Krishnamurti Osho Kinesiology, Book from J.Krishnamurti, Osho Kundalini Meditation Music. Muscle Testing in Action. Here you can get Free Videos on How to Meditate. In this Meditation Training Video you will see a clear demonstration of how to do the testing of muscle strength yourself. A easy way to get answers in and […]

Kinesiology Muscle Testing What is Kinesiology? Muscle Testing is a simple Diagnostic Method to determine spiritual states like Enlightenment. Dr. David Hawkins introduced to the spiritual community the awesome “Map of Consciousness“. Diagnostic method: muscle testing kinesiology So it is a simple method? Yes and no. The catch here is “how far are you evolved […]

Muscle Testing Method Used By Kinesiology Kinesiology Muscle Testing Diagnostic for Enlightenment. Dr. David Hawkins is using the method of Kinesiology. With that you can also test the truth or falseness of people, teachings, rituals in the spiritual world. muscle testing method – kinesiology looking for strengths Can I verify that a “Guru” has reached […]

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