Always take the Symptoms of Anxiety in Children serious Anxiety attacks can be embarrassing and painful for adults but even more so for children. Their first instinct is to avoid feeling bad so they may start making decisions out of fear or avoidance of situations in which they may feel anxious. A child will usually […]

Can I fight my Eating Disorders like the Nervosa Bulimia successful? Nervosa bulimia is an eating disorder stemming from a lack of self-confidence and self esteem. It’s also a very dangerous illness that can destroy a person’s health for life, damaging the heart as well as the stomach. A person suffering from nervosa bulimia feels […]

Eating Disorders / Appetite Disorders Many people think these affect mostly young white females but no segment of the population is exempt. Eating disorders are becoming more common, especially among teenage girls. As the media increasingly portrays beauty standard to be of underweight females, more and more young girls are becoming dissatisfied with their bodies. […]

Lack of Sleep and The Benefits of a Complete Sleep Sleeping, is most of the time is associated with laziness. It can be associated, but not most of the time. Sleeping is a part of a healthy lifestyle. One of the reasons for that is during the first 4 hours of your sleep at night […]

Insomnia Causes Sleeping Disorders “Rejuvenate your Brain Cells” Sleeping is a vital unintentional reflex that the human body makes, when you need to sleep you have to sleep. Resting deep at night has endless benefits as your brain cells reproduce and rejuvenate while you’re sleeping. Also, your eyes and mind rest and you gain much […]

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