Travel, Well-Being and Beauty

Traveling leads to Well-Being leads to Beauty

Is there anybody out there who does not want well-being, to look beautiful and explore new terrain through traveling?

I doubt it. Probably not reading this here anyway.

Lifestyle can be so, sooo personal. I am very glad that our society allows more and more very different lifestyles. We see this especially in cities. When values start changing, the lifestyle modifies too. This makes me feel a lot more free.

With a bit of wealth, you can travel almost all around the world. I love to do this and I have gained so much from these experiences. I`ve been traveling through India, Europe and all around the US of course. Because I did not travel with groups (most of the time), I had to connect with the local people, live, eat, sleep and discuss many ideas and life experiences.

Of course, beauty is also defined very different in each culture. Living in ones own culture, a certain kind of blindness occurs. The whole situation is so close – I like to say: The fish is surrounded by the water so much so, that he becomes almost unaware of it.

We are so massively surrounded by advertisements all day long, that people think they would dress up so very unique. So everyone walking around in jeans and thinking this as a unique style? Advertisement is a sort of hypnosis and quite a challenge to keep awake and with personal control.

Everyone of us has to define for him or herself which lifestyle leads to well-being. Yes, you are already making choices towards well-being everyday. These choice-making-decisions are mostly unconscious or in other words: other than conscious. It is said that the more conscious you are, the more beauty and well-being you will experience.

Let me leave you with these thoughts for now. Comment and ask questions so we can get closer.

See beauty – be well.

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